cuantics with tv3 in dissonances 2009

DISONANCIAS is the Spanish world for dissonance, meaning conflict or incongruity. Neuropsychologists use the term to describe a mental disorder, a involuntary cognitive distortion. Furthermore poets used it to represents the deliberate avoidance of assonance. But DISONANCIAS is also the name a platform created by some enlightened consultants in Spain to liaise and promote a curious relationship between international artists and local companies, research centers and public organizations.

Now in his 4º edition this ambitious initiative is based on the idea that artists are, by definition, researchers and can contribute to proposing new and different paths of innovation, introducing detours and discords in the normal processes of thought and action, contributing creativity and work methodologies and serving as a catalyst for the members of a team. (see
During 9 months, 9 selected artists participate on the program with 9 local companies seeking new concepts, products, applications, strategies, organizational models or simply market differentiation. International artists and local companies (from Bask Country and Catalonia) work together to contribute to the construction of a society that is orientated towards values of diversity, balance, sustainability, flexibility and the spirit of risk. The methodology framework for DISONANCIAS undergoes continuous reviews and improvements, in part as the result of evaluation processes (generated both internally and through the collaboration of external observers).

Originally the results of the DISONANCIAS projects were sought beyond immediate market success although they often happen to translate into changes in working processes, introduction of new product-associated values and/or new applications।But as it seems there are some other results consubstantial with participation in DISONANCIAS, both for the companies and for the artists।The aim is to foster innovation in all its aspects and transmit to society the importance of developing creative environments.

Diego Soroa is a multidisciplinary creative, a concept designer and an investigator mainly focused on relational architecture, environmental intelligence and sensitive technologies for urban spaces। he has participated in two editions of the DISONANCIAS program, (past 2006 and present 2009). Until october Cuantics will be studying working processes and routines of the graphic design department of catalan largest television TV3


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